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If you’ve reached this site this means you are ready! You are ready to learn to play guitar, and we are here to help you! Guitar Lessons El Paso Tx has been serving our community and surrounding areas for years.

By now you have certainly had to ask yourself some questions regardless of your skill with the guitar. You may have asked questions like are there guitar lessons near me, are there any good guitar teachers near me, or how much are guitar lessons?

If these are questions you have asked that led you to our site we would like to start by saying welcome! We appreciate you taking the time to visit our site and look forward to filling your guitar lesson needs in the very near future.

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About Us

About Guitar Lessons El Paso

Guitar Lessons El Paso has been serving the community for years and look forward to serving you as well. We employ only the best local guitar teachers. Our instructors have a wonderful passion for their instruments, music, and teaching. They cannot wait to share that passion with you.

Our mission is to bring you the best guitar lessons in El Paso Tx. We want your absolute trust as a student of ours. We want you to trust that the information you are receiving is both accurate and relevant to the music style you are wanting to play.

We also want your trust that you know you can come to each and every guitar lesson with the same experience. The same wonderful experience with your instructor every week that leaves you feeling excited to go home and practice your new material. An experience that leaves you feeling hopeful about the work you put into learning your instrument, and not discouraged.

We want you, the student to depend on our services the way our company depends on you. Our students are what our company centers itself around. Our student’s excitement and progress motivate us to get up and come to work every single day.

Why Choose Us?

When you make the decision to learn guitar, you are also making a decision about who to work with. We want to be your first choice every time.

When you or someone you know takes that first step as a beginner or someone new to lessons it can be an intimidating process. There can be an overwhelming amount of information to learn at one time. So your first step should be easy and not so overwhelming.

Give us a call and try our facility for a first free lesson. We offer this lesson to you for free because we believe in our process and instructors so much, we know you will want to come back and learn more!

You see, our company was founded on the basic virtues that we believe are very important to both students and instructors in a learning environment. These virtues are a natural necessity when it comes to learning. We want to share these virtues with you so you can carry them with you for the rest of your life.

  • Self-sufficiency
  • Perseverance
  • Independence

When you begin to learn guitar or any subject for that matter. There are several qualities a good student must possess if they want to be successful. When you leave your lessons, you must spend time on your own to practice. Our instructors will not be there to tell you when or how long to practice.

A good student must possess the ability to be self-sufficient and independently practice for a good amount of time each and every day. Without practice at home, a good student cannot hope to better themselves.

There will also be times where the material may not resonate in you the way you hoped. Perhaps there is a new scale to memorize or a new technique you aren’t quite picking up right away. This is totally normal!

But it is in times like these a good student must learn to persevere and try hard every day on their own to push past those roadblocks and really strive to be better.

Throughout the course of your guitar lessons, your local El Paso guitar teacher will help push you to be the very best musician you have deep inside. If countless others have learned these techniques, we know you can learn them too!

What To Expect?

We believe that matching our students up with the correct guitar teacher is very important to building a strong foundation when you begin your guitar lessons. When we begin your first lesson, our first priority is to find a guitar teacher that will work best with you.

Your first El Paso guitar lesson will begin by getting to learn more about you! We want to know about your previous experience with the guitar. If you don’t have any don’t worry that’s what we’re here for.

We’ll ask why you want to learn how to play guitar. What are your goals as you learn? Do you want to be in a band? Do you just want to play for fun?

Then we’ll look at some other subjects such as music genres you like to listen to. We will discover together some songs you would love to learn how to play.

Next, we will review the lesson plans and everything you will learn as you continue your lessons with us. This will also include a review of the prices and whether you wish to receive half-hour or hour-long lessons with us.

After that, we get you signed up for lessons and decide on which time and day work best for you. We will then discuss practicing on your own and any other equipment you may need to purchase to learn your instrument, and what you will need to bring to each lesson.



Our services range from different age groups, skills, and different types of guitar you may be interested in learning. Our guitar teacher El Paso tx is here to give you the skillset you desire. Please take a moment to review all the wonderful services our facility has to offer and make sure you are picking the best lessons for you!

beginner guitar lessons el paso

guitar lessons for beginners

Are you brand new to the guitar, or learning about music in general? Great, that is what we are here for! Our guitar lessons for beginners cover the absolute basics and start you off with a very strong foundation that will carry you through to your advanced lessons.

Well will cover all topics regarding the guitar. These topics range from how a guitar works to guitar tone. You will of course learn music theory, scales, strumming techniques, how to play guitar chords, and more!

kids guitar lessons el paso

Guitar Lessons For kids

We have to admit our favorite students are the children. Why is that? This is because we have the honor, the privilege of bringing up the next wonderful generation of musicians into the world.

Our guitar lessons for kids cover the same material as the adults. However, we make sure to make the material not only relatable to their age but fun to learn as well! Learning an instrument is wonderful for a young, developing mind and we want to share that with your child as well.

kids guitar lessons el paso

Guitar Lessons for adults

You may be thinking about that guitar you have stored away somewhere collecting dust. Or maybe the dream you have sat on for years about learning to play guitar. If this is you, then our guitar lessons for adults are the right choice for you.

Our guitar lessons for adults cover a wide range of topics from the basics to advanced lessons. We will teach you music theory, scales, modes, strumming techniques, and much more!

el paso bass guitar lessons

Bass Guitar Lessons

The Bass guitar is just like the electric guitar, but it plays at a much lower pitch and only has four strings. This instrument is great if you are someone that loves listening to the rhythm of a song.

Your bass guitar lessons will include subjects like music theory, scales, modes, and even special techniques specific to bass. Some of those techniques include fun playing techniques like slap bass.

el paso electric guitar lessons

Electric Guitar Lessons

Our electric guitar lessons cover the same topics but at times cover subjects specific to the electric guitar. This can include knowledge in tone, electronic equipment, special strumming techniques, and more. If you want to learn to shred many of the songs you heard listening to on the radio while you grew up, then our electric guitar lessons are for you!

el paso acoustic guitar lessons

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Our acoustic guitar lessons are sure to keep you coming back for more. The versatility of the acoustic guitar is hard to beat. When you learn the basics such as chords, strumming techniques, and what key you are in, you can take this guitar anywhere and play. From large crowds on stage to a smaller crowd around a campfire this guitar is sure to grab your attention.

el paso classical guitar lessons

Classical Guitar Lessons

Your El Paso guitar lessons wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t offer the wonderful sounds of classical guitar. These guitar lessons include special lessons such as playing guitar chords, fingerpicking, and playing multiple notes within those chords. So if you really want to impress yourself and friends, classical guitar lessons are the way to go!

Service Area

About el paso

El Paso is a city in the state of Texas located only two miles from the Mexican border. With a population of 951,000, this wonderful city is a travel destination for many.

El Paso has a consistently growing list of wonderful restaurants and museums. Some of the museums worth visiting are the El Paso Museum of History, the El Paso Museum of Archaeology, and the National Border Patrol Museum.

Surrounding cities include:

  • Juarez
  • Horizon City
  • Sunland Park
  • Canutillo
  • Fort Bliss
  • Chaparral
  • Anthony
  • Clint
  • And so many surrounding areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are guitar tabs?

Guitar tabs are simply an easier way for guitar players to read music and learn new songs. Instead of the classic music notes on a music staff, guitar tabs use numbers to tell you which fret to play on which string.

What is a guitar pick, and do I need one?

Yes, we recommend you purchase a guitar pick. Don’t worry they are very inexpensive. Guitar picks are what guitar players use to play their guitar. While there are many different ways to strum, using a pick is most common. It is especially important to guitar players learning the electric guitar as there are techniques you cannot play without a pick.

If playing with a pick is new to you, we advise going to your local music shop and purchasing several different types of picks. They come in different sizes and gauges. This way you can play with the different types and figure out which kind of pick best fits your playing style.

Should I buy an acoustic or electric guitar?

This is a matter of personal preference and completely up to you. Our recommendation would be to listen to your favorite songs you have been dreaming of playing and see what kind of guitar is used to play that song. Take a listen and see what sounds best to you and the sound you enjoy the most and base your decision off of that.

Customer Testimonials


I have played guitar for years now and never dreamed as a beginner I would be able to play the riffs I can today. My instructor was incredibly motivating in the beginning as I was struggling but he pushed me through my challenges. Thank you so much for all of your encouragement.

Joey S.


My grandma signed me up for guitar lessons as a birthday present. I had been wanting to learn guitar for years and now I am so confident in my playing skills! I have recently joined a band and was amazed at how quickly I was able to pick up the key and tempo of the song and write little riffs on the spot.

Sean C.


I have been taking lessons at Guitar Lessons El Paso for ten years. It didn’t take me long to master the basics but I love having the accountability of pushing myself to learn new songs and honestly really enjoy the environment and community within Guitar Lessons El Paso.

Terry U.

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Our students love our facility and you will too. With our lessons, you are guaranteed to learn and master guitar and much more! No matter what your dreams, whether they are to play in a band or play at home. Our lessons will give you the confidence you need to achieve those dreams.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call Guitar Lessons El Paso today or stop by our facility for your first guitar lesson. We want to get you started right away on the path to success and accomplishing your guitar playing dreams.

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